Date: 5-6 Aug, 2021
Venue: Swiss Spirit Hotel and Alisa, Accra


Ghana, officially known as the Republic of Ghana – the country in West Africa, bordered by Burkina Faso to the North, Togo to the East, Cote d’Ivoire to the West and the Gulf of Guinea (Ocean) to the South. Ghana has a total land area of 238,537sq km and Population of 24.2 million (2010 est.) with 60% of them dependent on agriculture for livelihood.

The fastest growing economy in the West Africa with GDP estimated USD 67 Bn in 2019

MAJOR INDUSTRIES: Mining, Oil and Natural Gas Production and Refining, Petrochemicals, Food Processing, Building & Construction

Ghana's top export products in 2019 were crude petroleum ($5.3Bn), mineral metals and gold ($6.2Bn), cocoa beans and its value addition ($ 2.75Bn). Ghana's top import categories in 2019 were locomotives and automobiles ($1.69Bn), Machinery & Engineering ($1.39Bn), Electricals’s machinery and products ($685Mn), Rice & Cereals ($523Mn) and other processed items.